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Friday, 2 June 2023

easy to use creation story simple?

easy to use creation story simple?

What is the creation story simple?

Every culture and civilization has its own unique creation story. These stories explain how the world and everything in it came into existence. In this article, we will explore a simplified and easy-to-understand version of a creation story that encompasses the fundamental elements found in many ancient myths and legends.

In the beginning, there was nothing:

Long ago, there was absolutely nothing. No stars, no planets, and no life. There was only darkness and emptiness.

The Birth of the Universe:

Suddenly, a tiny speck of energy appeared in the vast emptiness. This energy was incredibly powerful, and it exploded with a tremendous force, creating the entire universe. Galaxies, stars, and planets were formed, and the cosmos came into existence.

The Formation of the Earth:

Within this newly formed universe, a small planet called Earth took shape. It was a beautiful blue and green sphere floating in space. The Earth had vast oceans, towering mountains, and lush forests. It was a perfect home for all the living beings that would eventually inhabit it.

The Gift of Life:

On Earth, the energy from the universe combined with the elements of the planet to create life. In the oceans, tiny organisms emerged, which eventually evolved into various forms of marine life. Over time, these life forms adapted and changed, giving rise to diverse species.

The Creation of Land and Sky:

As life continued to flourish, the Earth underwent incredible transformations. Land masses emerged, giving birth to continents, and the sky became populated with birds, insects, and other flying creatures. The Earth was now home to a rich tapestry of plants and animals.

The Birth of Humanity:

Among the myriad of creatures on Earth, one species stood out - humans. Humans were unique because they possessed intelligence, curiosity, and the ability to create. They learned to use tools, communicate with each other, and build societies. Humans became the custodians of the Earth, responsible for caring for and preserving the delicate balance of nature.


The creation story provides a way for us to understand the origins of the world around us. While there are countless versions of creation stories from different cultures, this simplified narrative offers a general framework that is easy to comprehend. It highlights the birth of the universe, the formation of the Earth, the emergence of life, and the evolution of humans. Regardless of the specific details, creation stories remind us of our connection to the cosmos and the responsibility we have to cherish and protect the planet we call home.

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